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Suspected Terrorists Rounded Up, Weapons Seized

Several suspected terrorists were detained and numerous weapons caches were seized in military operations west of Balad Aug. 10, officials in Iraq reported today.

During raids of suspected terrorist safe houses in Salah Ad Din province, Task Force Liberty soldiers detained one individual and uncovered three rocket-propelled grenade launchers, nine RPG rounds, a mortar tripod, several rifles and two hand grenades. About 20 pounds of bulk explosives were also found at the site.

In other action, after taking small-arms fire, task force soldiers returned fire, killing one insurgent and wounding another during a raid in Ad Duluiyah.

The task force also detained six individuals and confiscated several rifles, a bulletproof vest, two RPGs, seven RPG rounds, multiple grenades and a 130 mm projectile.

(Compiled from a Multinational Force Iraq news release.)

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