Donated Medical Equipment Delivered to Kirkuk General Hospital

Soldiers from Task Force 1-21 Infantry delivered medical equipment to the Kirkuk General Hospital Staff on Dec. 4.

Since the fall of the former regime, the health care community in Kirkuk has steadily improved its ability to serve the local citizens. Much has been accomplished, but there remains much to do in order upgrade Kirkuk’s medical treatment capability to western standards. 

Dr. Burhan, the head of the Kirkuk Department of Health, identified shortages in critical life saving equipment needed for the Kirkuk General Hospital. He requested defibrillators, ventilators and anesthesia machines to enhance medical capabilities for his staff to better treat patients. 

Through the use of the commander’s Emergency Relief Funds his requests were met and the Soldiers of Task Force 1-21 delivered the equipment to the hospital. 

The hospital staff was excited and pleased when the new equipment arrived. With this new equipment Kirkuk General Hospital is better prepared to treat and care for their patients. Multi-National Forces and local health care officials are committed to improving the quality of life for all the citizens of Kirkuk.

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