Another Weapons cache Seized, Two People Detained

Elements of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit seized another weapons cache and detained two more individuals during a security patrol Saturday night.

The Marines were conducting a patrol south of Ar Rutbah when they observed 14 military-aged males loading materials onto a trailer outside of a house. Upon further investigation of the area, the Marines uncovered approximately 50 to 75 155 mm high-explosive projectiles and empty ammunition crates.

The owner of the house and the truck’s driver were detained.

There were no casualties.

Another ammunition crate was filled with military publications that included a military-type photo album. The military publications contained a picture of Saddam Hussein and photos believed to be of U.S. military tactics.

Security patrols are conducted in an effort to disrupt insurgent activities in the Al Anbar Province. Weapons caches seizures decrease

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